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CameraWorld Adds a New Live Event for your 2018 Calendar

Luke Gardner - 3 years ago

In the ever-growing world of photography, the landscape can seem rather daunting to step into. With events like CameraWorld Live, you can be filled with knowledge on all things camera related from the cameras themselves to the accessories that go with them. To top it all off CameraWorld is also promising great deals. But what’s better than having one event like this? Well… two, of course!

Both CameraWorld live events will feature all the top camera, lens and photo accessory brands and include live speakers and product ambassadors who will be sharing their knowledge, giving advice and helping you choose the right gear to buy. As these are CameraWorld shows you can expect the ‘Famous Show Deals’ and ‘Trade-In /Trade-Up’ offers exclusive to attendees at the events.

CameraWorld has a new show and we couldn’t be more excited! CameraWorld live at Brands Hatch will show us at full-throttle. There will be plenty of action to photograph, gear to test and of course our ‘Famous Show Deals.

CameraWorld Adds a New Live Event for your 2018 Calendar

CameraWorld is offering you twice the opportunity to buy the best photography gear, above industry standard trade-in deals, all coupled with expert advice from a retail team who know photographers.

CameraWorld LIVE: Brands Hatch

Date: Thursday, 2nd August

Location: Brands Hatch, West Kingsdown, Longfield DA3 8PU

CameraWorld LIVE: London

Date: Saturday, 27th October

Location: 155 Bishopsgate, London, EC2M 3TQ

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Read CameraWorld Adds a New Live Event for your 2018 Calendar

Luke Gardner

Features Editor @ PhotoBite

Luke lives and breaths photography. With experience working freelance, in retail and also teaching photography; Luke has been exposed to a broad spectrum of knowledgeable people and has a real hunger to explore what others are up to in this incredibly creative world. Starting from the age of 12 his fascination with photography as done nothing but fuel his ambition to create and explore all areas in the photographic world. Luke’s role at PhotoBite ranges from feature writing to testing equipment, with his natural teaching skills seeing him take his place as in-house presenter for camera hardware and accessories on the PhotoBite YouTube channel.