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Astora Launches with a Fully-Formed Range of LED Lights for Filmmakers & Photographers

- 6 years ago

There’s a new LED lighting brand hitting the streets this April, and they’re called Astora!

Rarely has a lighting brand hit the market so fully-formed. Astora has entered the LED lighting market fully formed, with an impressive range of lighting solutions including those with impressive brightness [up to 16629 lux@1m; complete kits with wireless remote and removable barn doors included, Perfect colour reproduction, Fan-less, [silent] operation and low power consumption.

Available in three different models, all Astora lights have been designed to meet the needs of photographers and filmmakers and feature the highest brightness lux available in their class along with built-in wireless controls and removable barn doors.

Rarely has a lighting brand hit the market so fully-formed

Each of the three models announced has its own specific characteristics, but you can be assured that all Astora lights are extremely bright and also come with a host of built-in features as standard.

With up to 16629 lux@1m and flicker-free display, they promise to deliver solid, consistent lighting for any shooting situation, including high frame rates and shutter speeds. With its integrated wireless control and [included] remote, settings can be adjusted from anywhere, anytime.

All of the new Astora lights come in a rock-solid [yet lightweight] metal housing and contain removable barn doors as standard, making them a complete solution and a serious option for any filmmaker or photographer.

First up: The ASTORA WS [Widescreen] is the most portable light in the new Astora light range.

As with all Astora lights, it is one of the brightest lights in its size-class, coupling a compact form and a 50° beam angle it promises to deliver a colossal output of [up to] 7381 lux@1m.

Available in pure Daylight [WS 840D] and Bi-color [WS 840B] models.

The Astora WS also has a built-in NP-F battery plate so can easily be powered by affordable NP-F type batteries.

Next is the ASTORA PS [Power Spot] with its 30° beam angle, it gives greater brightness than the WS model, [up to a tremendous 16629 lux@1m], so that any user has enough power to bounce or diffuse light where needed.

Also, with a power consumption below 86,4W, the new Astora Power-Spot can be powered with any V-Mount battery [not restricted to expensive high-current V-Mount batteries].

Finally, the wide 120° beam angle and the fixed diffusor of the Astora SF [or Super Flood – we LOVE that name] that create a soft scattered light that will wrap around your subject.

Being available in three different sizes,  you can make your choice. Do you need maximum portability, or are you after the largest aperture? Supplying up to 13000 lumens, the new Astora SF Soft series will give a soft [yet bright] light that simulates a softbox.

In addition to the native wireless control, the ASTORA SF series also has DMX 512 built-in, so it can be integrated into any existing environment via XLR connectors.

Pricing and availability 

TBA – we will update ASAP in the meantime, check out their website HERE

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Read Astora Launches with a Fully-Formed Range of LED Lights for Filmmakers & Photographers

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