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3 Legged Thing Bring ‘Darkness’ To Light

- 2 years ago

Award-winning tripod maker, 3 Legged Thing, has revealed its new “Darkness” L-brackets. A new colourway for those who prefer the dark side!

The new L-brackets from the popular British tripod brand are limited edition and anodised in matte black, making a neat, if temporary, addition to 3LT’s signature L-bracket colours of Copper, and Metallic Slate Grey. 3 Legged Thing’s QR11 2.0, Zelda, Roxie, and Gracy L-brackets can all now be bought in this new, mean and menacing colour.

3LT L Brackets now available in limited edition 'Darkness' colourway.
3LT L Brackets now available in limited edition ‘Darkness’ colourway.

Stuart Boston, Chief Operations Officer, 3 Legged Thing, said: “We’re excited to offer this limited colourway to our customers. We get requests from customers who require matte black products for their specific workflow, including studio and behind-the-scenes work, and wildlife photographers working in hides, so we’re happy to offer them Darkness – a beautiful matte black option.”

Why L-Brackets?

L-brackets allow photographers to swiftly adjust from landscape to portrait [and vice versa] when using a tripod. They help to hold a level horizon and keep the camera on the same focal plane while keeping the weight of the camera above the centre of the tripod, which is the most stable position.

3 Legged Thing’s QR11 2.0 universal L-bracket is compatible with a broad range of cameras. It has cut-outs in the base to allow for easier access to the camera’s rear screens, and dual 1/4”-20 screw threads in the vertical element to make the attachment of accessories a doddle. The vertical can also be reversed to switch the position of the threads and give improved access to the side ports. The base of the QR11 2.0 also features a dual ¼”-20 and 3/8”-16 screw thread for attachment of accessories when in portrait orientation. QR11 2.0 is available in two sizes – QR11-L2.0 for standard mirrorless and DSLR cameras, and QR11-FB2.0 for full-body and gripped cameras.
Zelda, which was designed in collaboration directly with Nikon, fits snugly to the contours of the Nikon Z5, Z6, Z7, Z6 II and Z7 II, and is a dedicated L-bracket for those cameras giving full access to side ports, battery door, and memory card slots. Zelda is still compatible when the FTZ or FTZ II lens adapter is fitted, and can also accommodate the WR-R10 wireless adapter.

3 Legged Thing designed Roxie in-house to fit both the Canon EOS R5 and R6 cameras, and now also fits the new EOS R5 C cine camera. The L-bracket features a cut-out in the vertical element to allow for the use of the rear screen in a tilted position and gives users full access to all the side ports, battery door, and memory card slots. The base also includes an adjustable locator pin to ensure a secure fit onto the camera

The 3LT Gracy L-bracket for GFX 100S and 50S II was designed in partnership with Fujifilm, who gave 3LT’s team access to both camera bodies to guarantee a perfect fit. Gracy has a dual ¼”-20 and 3/8”-16 thread in the vertical element for attaching accessories. The base can also be extended to house cables when used in portrait orientation and comes with a cable management tool for use when the base is in the extended position. Gracy’s base also features cut-outs for ease of use of the rear tilt screen and a notch for clearer audio of in-camera video playback.

The current Gracy, Roxie, and Zelda L-brackets in limited-edition ‘Darkness’ colourway are available at 3 Legged Thing’s website  and from all good camera stores with the following suggested prices:

QR11-L2.0 £49.99 // QR11-FB2.0 £59.99 // Gracy £99.99 // Roxie £89.99 // Zelda £89.99

3LT has promised that they will reveal more Darkness products later this year. Watch this space for more!

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