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3 Legged Thing Announce Price-Busting Universal L-Bracket

- 7 years ago

Outlandish British tripod company, 3 Legged Thing has just launched its latest, price-busting [Universal] L Bracket. The QR11-LC and QR11-LG, the results of six months of research and development, promise comprehensive compatibility, accessory attachment opportunity and flat storage

The new brackets come in two different colour combos: ‘Equinox Copper‘ and ‘Eclipse Grey‘, and both come with triangular pads, designed to tessellate and give as much surface contact as possible on the baseplate, translating to a more secure connection and more grip.

The base has been produced to offer the optimal length for most camera bodies, allowing for greater adaptability and greater access to sockets on the camera body. The brackets feature quarter-inch threaded holes on the upright panel, for attaching further accessories, and they have a strap connector on both elements.

Dan Lenihan, 3 Legged Thing Founder and Chief Exec, told PhotoBite: “I really wanted to produce something cross-compatible with as many cameras as I could. I wanted to make something that is more than just an L-Bracket. Our Mission at 3 Legged Thing has always been to add as much value in innovation as we can to our products, and the QR11 is no exception. I also wanted to produce something that was affordable. So many L Brackets are upwards of £150 to £250, which is a lot of money for a student or any photographer, really. It’s important that we are as inclusive as we can be, so that photography enthusiasts on smaller budgets, can still have the opportunity to use an L Bracket. At £49.99, I think we’ve achieved that.”

Head over to 3 Legged Thing’s website to see more info and to see their full range of kit HERE 

The new Brackets will be available from 1st August 2017 at just £49.00. In the meantime, take a look at the video, which demos the new L-Bracket’s capabilities, below:

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Read 3 Legged Thing Announce Price-Busting Universal L-Bracket

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