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Introducing The All-New Gitzo Century Camera Bag Collection

- 7 years ago

To mark their 100th anniversary, Gitzo has announced the launch of a number of exclusive products, including the all-new Gitzo Century camera bag Collection

This new collection of camera bags has been designed for Gitzo Traveler fans who own premium cameras and expect similar standards of premium quality and detail in their photography bags.

All of the models in Gitzo’s new range have been meticulously designed and crafted in Italy out of premium materials. They are a highly appealing combination of Italian cow leather crafted to resemble the carbon fibre that is suggestive of Gitzo’s Traveler tripod legs. They also include wear-resistant Nylon that guarantees high resistance to scratches and abrasions and is water-repellent.

Kicking off the range, is the GITZO Century Traveler backpack. Assuring comfort while providing every popular feature, this new backpack has a roomy internal insert that can accommodate a medium-size DSLR or a Premium CSC with 70-200/2.8 lens attached, plus 2 additional lenses. The Gitzo Century Traveler Backpack can also hold a DJI Mavic Pro with its remote control and accessories.

The new GITZO Century Traveler backpack

Double side access gives the choice of grabbing kit from either side of the bag, without taking the backpack off. The front opening has been designed as the perfect carrying solution for the 0 and 1 Series Gitzo Traveler [or similar sized tripod].

The removable insert gives the choice of whether to pack photo gear and personal items or turn it into an everyday pack.

RRP: £249.95

Watch the product video from GITZO below:

Next up from the new range is the new GITZO Century Traveler Messenger, a stylish everyday courier-style camera bag.

It is equipped with a G-lock flap closing system powered by Fidlock®. With the inclusion of the magnetic lock, the GITZO Century Traveler Messenger can be opened and closed with a simple gesture. It can take a mid-range DSLR or a CSC with a standard zoom attached, plus another lens and a detached 70-200 f 2.8 or a premium mirrorless camera with a 70-200 mm attached plus 2/3 standard zoom lenses.

It is also perfect to carry a DJI Mavic Pro and its accessories, and the base conceals a bottom pocket to carry and protect a 0 and 1 Series Gitzo Traveler [or similar sized tripod].

RRP: £179.95

The new Gitzo Traveler Messenger

Watch the product video from GITZO below:

Finally, for photographers who prefer a minimalist approach, the GITZO Century Compact Messenger could be the perfect companion. The new compact bag comes complete with some smart features to keep premium mirrorless cameras [or a range finder] protected with standard zoom lens attached plus two additional lenses. It can also pack a DJI Mavic Pro and its smaller accessories.

The Gitzo Century Compact Messenger comes equipped with a G-lock flap closing system powered by Fidlock®, very much like its big brother, above.

RRP: £149.95

The new Gitzo Century Compact Messenger

Watch this product video from GITZO below:

Pricing and availability:

The new Gitzo bag collection is available now from £149.95. More information on Gitzo’s Centenary celebrations can be found on their WEBSITE

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Read Introducing The All-New Gitzo Century Camera Bag Collection

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