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#TheMeasure: Hands-on with the Carl Zeiss Milvus 85mm F1.4

Luke Gardner
3 months ago

We get hands-on with the Carl Zeiss Milvus 85mm lens, checking out how it handles in the real world and who might use it

The Milvus 85mm has a short telephoto perspective that basically makes it ideal for shooting portraits. 85mm is a big favourite focal length for many shooting portraits and whilst there’s a lot of competition in the market, in the shape of Samyang’s manual-focus 85mm f/1.4 model, and the [rather nice] Sigma 85mm f/1.4 which includes aut0-focus [AF] function – for example.




The Zeiss Milvus 85mm f/1.4 is not a small or lightweight lensBig, dense an. In fact, it’s weighty and with a build quality that you’d expect from a brand such as Zeiss. It feels as though it has been carved from a solid piece of metal.

At 1.2kg it isn’t unreasonably heavy, though, only more substantial than most comparable lenses.

Watch our latest review in #TheMeasure below:


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