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#TheMeasure: DJI Mavic Air

PhotoBite’s video review of DJI’s Mavic Air is complete in #TheMeasure – watch it here

Possibly the most versatile consumer drone in the range, the Mavic Air’s camera system houses a 1/2.3” CMOS sensor & the equivalent of a 24mm F2.8 lens [on a 35mm full-frame sensor] and produces 12MP still images by employing HDR algorithms that process more highlight and low light details.

The Mavic Air will shoot smooth and stabilised 4K video at a full 30 frames per second, along with the ability to shoot 1080p slow-motion video at 120 fps, producing the highest quality video of any DJI consumer drone with a maximum bitrate of 100 Mbps.

Watch our review to learn just about all you’ll need to know about this great piece of kit from DJI. Any questions, as ever, post them below and please feel free to share!

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