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LUMIX LX100 Mark II: Hands-On Review in #TheMeasure

Luke Gardner - 4 years ago

Before we were hit with the cold, windy, winter weather in the UK; in the streets of London, Panasonic was introducing us to Lumix LX100 Mark II.  A successor to the original LX100 which paved the way for premium compact cameras and has now set the bar even higher in the bridge camera segment. We got hands-on with this new and mighty all-rounder. Watch our video review below


Sticking with its micro four-thirds multi-aspect sensor, Panasonic has once again shown just what can be achieved with a sensor of its size. during our testing, we were impressed with the camera’s low light capabilities and how impressive the JPEGs came out; not to mention the fact that they required little to no editing; producing stunning, ‘straight to social’ content, thanks to its built-in wifi and Bluetooth functions.

Key Specs

  • 4/3-type (1.33-type) 17 Megapixel MOS sensor [21.77 total megapixels] with no low-pass filter
  • F1.7-2.8 24-75mm Leica DC VARIO-SUMMILUX lens
  • 4K video
  • 4K photo
  • Post focus function


PhotoBite LUMIX LX100 II review -
LUMIX LX100 II:- A fantastic all-round camera. Its small form factor belies its optical capability. Great for video as it is shooting stills. The only downside we can see if the price tag, but then, we are quite tight and as with all technology, we expect to see the price drop in the coming months. Nonetheless, we believe it's worth every penny!


  • Great image quality
  • Leica lens
  • Simple menu and controls


  • Cost, [but not enough of an issue to mark down the rating]

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Read LUMIX LX100 Mark II: Hands-On Review in #TheMeasure

Luke Gardner

Features Editor @ PhotoBite

Luke lives and breaths photography. With experience working freelance, in retail and also teaching photography; Luke has been exposed to a broad spectrum of knowledgeable people and has a real hunger to explore what others are up to in this incredibly creative world. Starting from the age of 12 his fascination with photography as done nothing but fuel his ambition to create and explore all areas in the photographic world. Luke’s role at PhotoBite ranges from feature writing to testing equipment, with his natural teaching skills seeing him take his place as in-house presenter for camera hardware and accessories on the PhotoBite YouTube channel.