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Hands-On with The Lomography Diana Instant Square: Adriano Edition

Luke Gardner - 2 years ago

Nothing beats the tactile nature of instant film and watching your photograph slowly revealing itself to you. In our latest review, we get hands-on with the new Diana Instant Square camera [Adriano Edition] from Lomography, which puts the fun back into instant photography allowing users to get creative and take control of their instant photos using the brilliant square format film packs from Fujifilm Instax.

Using simple instant cameras are great but adding the ability to take more control over the camera gives photographers a chance to stretch their creative muscles. The Diana Instant Camera from Lomography is a great solution for photographers who love shooting instant film but want to take more control of their camera.

Designed to be as simple to use as possible, the Diana Instant not only looks incredibly kitch & retro, but also allows the control of aperture and focus as well as giving the option to shoot multiple exposures. Those who are perhaps not so camera savvy will also see diagrams within the pack, breaking down what the aperture and focus means and how you should apply variations to achieve different results. The camera’s exposure is set to 1/100 of a second and the film [Fujifilm Instax Square film] has an ISO of 800 [this can’t be changed].

We got to grips with the Diana Instant Square very quickly and found ourselves looking over the camera to set it up as the controls are spread around the camera body, rather than being allocated to the top section as you’d expect on a typical camera. This wasn’t a major issue, but just be careful not to knock any knobs, which will adjust your settings as you set up.  Taking pictures with this camera was a breeze and the Diana Instant Square gives a lovely vignette to its shots, which really draws you into the centre of the image; so do be mindful when framing your subject.

On the topic of framing the Diana Instant Camera comes with a removable viewfinder but we’d recommend keeping it on as there is no other way to frame up your subject. We did find the viewfinder was quite accurate in the terms of, ‘what you see is what you get’. This is quite often not the case with some other instant cameras.

The Lomography Diana instant Square, Adriano Edtion camera really is a huge amount of fun and has a great colourful and retro aesthetic to it. You can pick up the Diana Instant Camera Square Adriano Edition at the PhotoBite Store for just £99! We also sell Fujifilm Instant Square film, too.

Check out our review below to see what we thought of the Lomography Diana Instant Square: Adriano Edition. Don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe to stay up to date with our #TheMeasure Series on Youtube.


PhotoBite Diana Instant Square Camera: Adriano Edition review -
Diana Instant Square Camera: Adriano Edition:- Overall we really liked the features and ease of use from the Diana Square Instant Camera: Adriano Edition. The simplicity of its controls meant even those with little technical camera knowledge would have no problem experimenting and taking control of their pictures.


  • Simple and Easy to use, even for a complete novice
  • Great Value for money - £99
  • A great way to take your instant photography to the next level


  • Settings are spaced out and require getting used to

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Read Hands-On with The Lomography Diana Instant Square: Adriano Edition

Luke Gardner

Features Editor @ PhotoBite

Luke lives and breaths photography. With experience working freelance, in retail and also teaching photography; Luke has been exposed to a broad spectrum of knowledgeable people and has a real hunger to explore what others are up to in this incredibly creative world. Starting from the age of 12 his fascination with photography as done nothing but fuel his ambition to create and explore all areas in the photographic world. Luke’s role at PhotoBite ranges from feature writing to testing equipment, with his natural teaching skills seeing him take his place as in-house presenter for camera hardware and accessories on the PhotoBite YouTube channel.