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Godox WMicS1 Pro Wireless UHF Microphone System Review

- 1 year ago

Godox is a brand that’s well known for its surprisingly great quality lighting solutions for both photo and video at affordable prices, but did you know that they also make microphones, too?

In our latest test video in our long-running #TheMeasure series, we take a look at the Godox WMicS1 Pro Wireless microphone system. Not the world’s most catchy name and at first glance, you’ll see these are more traditional-style lavalier packs. The larger rectangular design seems to be more of a rarity nowadays.

Watch our comprehensive review on these low-cost lavs, [at the time of reviewing, the Godox WMicS1 kit2 UHF Wireless Microphone System with 2pcs TX1 Portable Body-pack Transmitters + 1pc RX1 Portable Receiver that we reviewed, came in at just under £215.00] here and be sure to leave us your thoughts and comments below. You can also find PhotoBite on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @PhotoBiteUK, and just follow the link in the image below to find our YouTube Channel. Please share and subscribe to the channel for more as it arrives – hit the bell for notifications!


PhotoBite Godox WMicS1 Pro Wireless UHF Microphone System review -
Godox WMicS1 Pro Wireless UHF Microphone System:- Godox has delivered a great value, hugely versatile lav mic system that punches way above its weight in terms of price and general capability. The Godox WMicS1 Pro Wireless UHF Microphone System is a gem and even outperforms other systems that come in at 2 and even 3 times the cost. Great stuff.


  • Great price - if compared to many other UHF systems, these are as cheap as chips!
  • Excellent range stability
  • Really handy to have swappable [as opposed to rechargeable] batteries


  • Bit Bulky
  • Lots of menu scrolling required

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