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DJI Osmo Mobile 3 Vs Benro 3XS Lite Mobile Gimbals: #TheMeasure

Luke Gardner - 2 weeks ago

We’re always in search of the ultimate mobile gimbal and so, as luck would have it, we’ve seen two great examples released within a week of each other; the DJI Osmo Mobile 3 and the Benro 3XS LITE. Onwards!

In the world of filmmaking, we’re always on a quest to get the smoothest, most stable shot. This passion for stabilisation has been traversing to the world of mobile videography for some time, now.

It’s an accessory sector that’s been driven by the leaps in imaging technology we’ve seen with smartphones of late and we’re starting to see some seriously good products entering the market. Announced just a week apart, the DJI Osmo Mobile 3 and the Benro 3XS Lite mobile gimbals go head to head in our latest review to see which is our favourite.

Both are straightforward and simple to use and the native apps are both very well designed, offering clear and easy to follow guides to get the most out of the gimbal an indeed, your smartphone’s photo and video functions.
Watch our latest review piece below, where we compare these two great products for mobile videography.

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Read DJI Osmo Mobile 3 Vs Benro 3XS Lite Mobile Gimbals: #TheMeasure

Luke Gardner

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Luke lives and breaths photography. With experience working freelance, in retail and also teaching photography; Luke has been exposed to a broad spectrum of knowledgeable people and has a real hunger to explore what others are up to in this incredibly creative world. Starting from the age of 12 his fascination with photography as done nothing but fuel his ambition to create and explore all areas in the photographic world. Luke’s role at PhotoBite ranges from feature writing to testing equipment, with his natural teaching skills seeing him take his place as in-house presenter for camera hardware and accessories on the PhotoBite YouTube channel.

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