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Benro TSL08AL & Benro TSL08CL Tripods: Side by Side Review

Simon Skinner - 3 years ago

In this video, the latest in our #TheMeasure series, we take a look at Benro tripod siblings, the TSL08AL and the TSL08CL. What’s the difference? Well, one is produced in aluminium and the other is made from carbon. That’s it. We’ve put htis review together to see if the inevitable price jump, [from Alloy to carbon] is completely worth it? In the market for a new tripod? Benro definitely make decent kit, so take a look to see if either of these might be a contender for your hard-earned cash!

So let’s cover some of the specs of the

  • Maximum Load: 4 kg
  • Min height: 40 cm
  • Max height: 165.4 cm
  • Leg Lock Type: Twist lock
  • Weight: 1.23kg for Aluminium
  • 1.1kg for Carbon

So what is the cost of the benefit? Well doing the maths – the Carbon version is – £140 – 1.1kg. The Aluminium – £100 1.23kg. So you spend £40 to save 130g, that’s 1g per £3.25… That’s pretty good considering gold is £44 per gram.

But let’s talk about the Benro tripods themselves. The Design is simple and easy to use, we love the twist grip design which seems to become more popular as more models come out. We do like twist grip tripods, they’re easy to use and honestly, after a bit of practise they’re a lot easier to use than the snap clips.

The ball head design is robust, but certain angles can make tightening the head tricky as the tightening knob is can get in the way of the top plate. But it’s not a big deal at the end of the day. The multi-leg angle design is certainly a win, especially when working on uneven terrain, and you know what composition you want, the tripods flexibility helps you get into that position with minimal stress.

These tripods are ideal for those who pack light and want an easy to use a tripod for the mirrorless camera or mid-range DSLR. They’re good value for money and will provide the user with years of good use.

Check our review of the Benro Tripods below, if you have any questions lets us know and please do like and subscribe for more videos.


PhotoBite Benro TSL08CL and Benro TSL08AL review -
Benro TSL08CL and Benro TSL08AL:- These Benro tripods are great for travellers, hikers and light packers who want as many features as possible at a reasonable price.


  • Simple Design
  • Easy twist grip design
  • Even the Aluminium model is light


  • Tightening knob can get in the way when setting the angle

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Read Benro TSL08AL & Benro TSL08CL Tripods: Side by Side Review

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