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A Day in the Woods: Testing Lomography Color Negative 400 Film

- 4 years ago

Lomography is well known for its fabulous analogue and instant cameras, along with its many film stock. These include Lomochrome Purple film, which is reminiscent of the infrared Kodak Areochrome from the 1940s and a particular favourite at PhotoBite HQ, but they’re also known for their Metropolis and range of B&W film. Along with the brand’s broad range of creative film stocks, designed to unleash a photographer’s wild side, Lomography has also produced a film type that can be used on any day and for any occasion; it’s called Lomography Color Negative 400, is made in both 35mm and 120 formats along with a brilliant Simple Use camera that comes preloaded with 35 mm Color Negative 400 film. As all three are available in our brilliant online store, we decided it was high time to run a proper review on it!

Picking an everyday film can be a tricky endeavour, especially when you’re on a budget. With both medium format and 35 mm film stocks, Kodak’s Portra series is a popular choice for many photographers, but the true underdog in this category would have to be Lomography’s range of Color Negative 400 films. It’s a really solid film that delivers in all conditions and is a perfect choice for film photographers on a budget. However, if you’re looking at venturing out the Kodak bubble and as mentioned in our brief into, Lomography has a number of films worth looking at that should whet your appetite.  

For the purposes of this test, I headed out to shoot the film on a number of locations. In the resulting video, you will see me walking around the woods, which is where I believe I landed my best photos. The entire day I shot box speed [400 ISO] and used a light meter on my phone to get my exposure settings. The outcome produced some of my favourite images to date and if I’m perfectly honest I can see myself stocking up on this film as it really does produce some lovely cool-looking images. From the scans to the edits I found the weather can play a huge factor in the hue of your images. It can shift from blue to purple quite easily even when you keep the scan settings the same.

Check out the video below and if you’re looking to buy some film then head over to our store and pick yourself up some Lomography Color Negative 400 in 35 mm, 120 or even the Simple Use camera today!

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Read A Day in the Woods: Testing Lomography Color Negative 400 Film

Simon Skinner

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