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Lomography Diana Instant Square Deluxe Kit


The Diana Instant Square Adriano Edition Deluxe Kit includes a Diana Instant Square, a flash, lens attachments and lots of extras to make sure that you never run out of creative options.

The new Lomography Diana Instant Square Camera represents the fusion of Lomography’s love for analogue and instant photography, the Diana Instant Square has it all.

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The Diana Instant Square Deluxe Kit includes a Diana Instant Square, a flash, lens attachments and lots of extras to make sure that you never run out of creative options. Turn on your camera, switch to bulb mode, grab a sparkler, change lenses, attach a hot-shoe flash; or toss the rules aside and shoot from the hip!

Just remember: there are no mistakes – only perfect imperfections.

This camera takes Fujifilm Instant Square film, which you also find in our STORE.


Watch Lomography’s introduction video for the Diana Instant Square camera, below.



Key Features

The Legendary Diana Aesthetic:
Strong, saturated colours; rich, moody vignetting; and all the unpredictable effects that made its 1960s predecessor an analogue classic.

On Square Format Instant Film:
Grab a pack of widely available Fujifilm Instax Square Film, get creative with composition, and watch your frames develop in your hands in seconds.

Fully Manual to Give You Complete Creative Freedom:
The Diana Instant Square is built to push your photography skills to the next level. With fully manual settings, you can craft a frame to suit your style.

Adjustable Aperture:
Choose from “sunny” [f/32], ‘partly cloudy’ [f/19], ‘cloudy’ [f/11], and pinhole [f/150].

Instinctive Zone-Focusing System:
With a simple twist, you can switch between 1–2 m, 2–4 m and 4 m–infinity.

Fixed Shutter Speed:
N [1/100], B [Bulb Mode, Unlimited].

Bulb Mode:
Keep your shutter open for as long as you want to capture a beautiful night scene or a psychedelic light painting.

Pinhole Function:
With no lens to hold you back, you’ll be able to snap dreamy, soft images that kick it back to the early days of photography.

Unlimited Multiple Exposure Mode:
Layer up the same frame with as many scenes as you like to create the shot of your dreams.

Hot-Shoe Mount:
Attach a wide range of flashes to splash your shot with a dazzling burst of light. You can even use the original Diana F+ flash!

Selfie Mirror:
Take stunning self-portraits and brilliant group shots.

Detachable Viewfinder:
Specially optimised viewfinders for each of the lenses so that you always know exactly what’s in your frame. Choose to compose, or abandon the viewfinder and shoot from the hip.

Available with a Variety of Lens Attachments:
Switch up your perspective with any of the interchangeable lenses already produced for the Diana F+. That’s a 110 mm telephoto lens, 75 mm glass lens, 20 mm fisheye lens, 55 mm wide-angle and 38 mm super-wide-angle lens. The 55 mm lens even comes with a special attachment to turn it into a glorious close-up lens.

A Standard Filter Thread for Unlimited Artistic Options:
The Diana Instant Square is equipped with a standard filter thread, which means it’s compatible with tons more accessories like the Lomo’Instant Square’s portrait and wide-angle lens attachments, neutral density, colour and star filters, and so much more.

Inspired by the original 1960s medium format Diana camera, the brand new box of instant magic sprinkles your shots with all the striking effects that made its predecessor an analogue classic. Shake off expectations and let the Diana Instant Square fill your frame with unpredictable beauty. There’s no re-take, no post-production polishing; you snap the shot and seconds later you hold a beautiful picture filled with strong, saturated colours and soft, moody vignetting in your hands. The Diana Instant Square electrifies your life with lo-fi love, opening up a whole world of creativity and freedom.


  • Diana Instant Square Camera
  • Diana Flash
  • Flash Color Gels
  • Diana Instant Square Flash Plug
  • Diana Flash Hotshoe Plug
  • Diana Flash to Hotshoe Adapter
  • 20 mm Fisheye Lens
  • 38 mm Super Wide Angle Lens
  • 55 mm Wide Angle Lens & Close Up Attachment
  • 110 mm Telephoto Lens
  • Splitzer


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