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PhotoBite Kids Challenge #13 – Droplets

- 4 years ago
PhotoBite Kids Challenge 13

PhotoBite Kids Challenge #13 – Droplets

Next up in our series of photo challenges, we have something specific for you to try. This challenge is called ‘Droplets’.

This photo challenge demands discipline and without doubt, an amount of trial and error as you try to freeze the droplets either falling through the air, or as they make a splash from landing!

We’ve put together a short introduction video in which our resident photography expert, Professor Gardner, gives some ideas, tips and tricks on how to approach this fun challenge. As ever, whatever you choose to shoot, think about your angles and backgrounds to make the most of your pictures. Most importantly, have fun and think carefully about your shots before you hit the button. And experiment!

As with all of our challenges, you can use any device you’d like for this challenge. Ideally a camera, but if you don’t have a camera yet, then use a smartphone or tablet instead.

Send us your pictures using the hashtag #PhotoBiteKids, share with your friends and make sure you ask your older brothers or sisters, your parents or friends to send for you if need be.

Also, send us your ideas for future photo challenges and we’ll give shoutouts for any that we include! Good luck and get shooting!

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