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PhotoBite Explores Actor/Photographers: #1 Gary Oldman

- 7 years ago

Nobody ever said that photography is exclusive to those with an interest in taking photographs alone

Image making is a broad church, and there’s definitely a growing number of people working in both moving and still images. Ever since the advent of Canon’s 5DII in 2008, there’s been a realisation and general acceptance that ‘serious’ moving images can be shot with what might be traditionally recognised as a stills camera. It’s a trend that just keeps growing as the EOS 5D series continues to grow, with 4K offerings such as the mighty GH5 from Lumix [Panasonic] and as more and more people recognise the cinematic ability that’s available with even more, entry-level cameras.

That said, there has always been a lot of people who are better known for their work in motion pictures, and that have a real passion for shooting still pictures. You just need to take a look at our interview with David Lynch where he talks about his early photography and how it influenced the look of his films thereafter.

So, to explore this point a little further, PhotoBite has selected 10 well-known film actors, who are indeed lesser known, but no less passionate about photography.

#1 Gary Oldman

Gary Oldman is definitely better recognised for his movie work, although he is passionate about photography. Particularly different kinds of film photography.

He has exhibited his photographic work in numerous galleries, and his interest in photography can largely be pinned down to his friend and fellow actor Jeff Bridges.

We have a series of 10 actor/photographers in this series, which we will post over the coming weeks. Leave your comments below if you’d like to see us feature anyone in particular.

Watch the short film below, where Gary talks about his love of photography during his exhibition of pictures taken during the filming of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

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Read PhotoBite Explores Actor/Photographers: #1 Gary Oldman

Simon Skinner

Co-founder // Editor

Having spent many years working in various pockets of the music industry, and always with a camera in hand, Simon has worked with organisations such as Warner/Chappell, Food Records and ultimately, co-founding the innovative independent record label, Izumi Records before moving fully into the world of publishing in 2007. Amongst numerous other projects in the last decade, he has been responsible for a number of specialist photo trade magazines and journals for the filmmaking and photography communities, along with a coffee table book entitled, "Great Britons of Photography' which he produced with Peter Dench and Leica. Now heading up PhotoBite, Simon and the team have set themselves a task of delivering informative and inspirational content for photographers of all levels, from the beginner, shooting with smartphones, to the seasoned photographer and filmmaker.