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How to remove a lens from your camera

Luke Gardner - 11 months ago

Like the game of ‘Pin the tail on the donkey’, it can appear quite straight forward at first but removing a camera lens requires that you know where to start. In this guide well show you how to remove a lens from a camera body. By the end, you could even do it blindfolded, if you feel like it. 

Different cameras may vary with the placement of the release button and the rotation. All DSLR’s and Mirrorless cameras use a similar bayonet fitting to each other so this guide will cover all of the camera brands used today. 

Do take care of removing your lens from the camera body as leaving the camera body exposed for prolonged periods can cause dust and dirt to make its way inside you camera gear. This can cause you to have black spots appearing on your images at high apertures. This can also occur with the lens too so make sure that upon removal you take cover the lens with a rear lens cap and fit the camera body with another lens or its body cap.

Now with that being said, here’s the video below. Don’t forget to like and subscribe as there will be more ‘guide to’ videos coming soon.

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Read How to remove a lens from your camera

Luke Gardner

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