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How to format a memory card on your camera

Luke Gardner - 11 months ago

There are many aspects of photography that can be a learning curve in the early days of your photography journey but sometimes it can be the simplest of things that are overlooked or never mentioned. One of the many overlooked aspects is how to format a memory card, in this video we’ve made a simple guide on how to do exactly that.

But for those who don’t know what formatting is, let’s clear it up. Formatting a memory card deletes all the data on the memory card [in this instance] and gives you a ‘clean slate’ to store your new images. The reason you do this in-camera is it allows the camera to also create its own folder where it can save the images for you to import later. 

Now with that being said, here’s the video below. Don’t forget to like and subscribe as there will be more ‘guide to’ videos coming soon.

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Luke Gardner

Features Editor @ PhotoBite

Luke lives and breaths photography. With experience working freelance, in retail and also teaching photography; Luke has been exposed to a broad spectrum of knowledgeable people and has a real hunger to explore what others are up to in this incredibly creative world. Starting from the age of 12 his fascination with photography as done nothing but fuel his ambition to create and explore all areas in the photographic world. Luke’s role at PhotoBite ranges from feature writing to testing equipment, with his natural teaching skills seeing him take his place as in-house presenter for camera hardware and accessories on the PhotoBite YouTube channel.