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Introducing the Snap-Grip: Multi-Functional Multi-Mount Accessory for Mobile Shooting

With mobile photography and filmmaking on the rise [and rise], mounting and accessory solutions are becoming more crucial for mobile journalists, vloggers and consumer image makers alike. So it is, then, that we’re seeing a surge of accessories to make our mobile shooting lives easier and the mew Snap-Grip promises to deliver versatility beyond all others



The new Snap-Grip from Pica-Gear is produced from the same modular components as its big brother, the excellent and hugely versatile Pica-Pod. It boasts three camera screw points, which means that it can be extended, giving impressive flexibility and thus, making it pretty usable and useful in a wide range of possible shooting situations.


‘The Snap-Grip promises to be a hugely useable piece of equipment, and one that should probably be kept in any kit bag.’


As an extendable system, meaning that it can be adapted using secondary tripods and elements of the Pica-Pod system. This makes it a hugely useable piece of equipment, and one that should probably be kept in any kit bag.

The Snap-Grip supports both action cameras and smartphones, [the clamp has been designed to take even the largest of large smartphones] and using the handle to steady the camera, users can create much steadier, blur-free images.

OK, so we know that there are plenty of other mounting solutions out there, but where the Snap-Grip differs is that its handle adapts to form a mini tripod with aluminium anodised legs. Another example of its versatility.

We’ll be getting hands on the Snap-Grip in the coming days for a test – in the meantime, watch this space.

Pricing and availability

The Snap-Grip has just been announced by new UK distributor infinityX, so details on pricing and availability are still TBA.


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