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IKEA Collaborate with Hasselblad to Retail Selected Images from Master Awards Collection

Very much in line with the company’s original mission statement, to make great design available to everyone, IKEA is setting out on a journey to democratise art. In a freshly announced collaboration with Hasselblad and seven professional photographers, IKEA has explored the art of photography, following in a collection of pictures from the Hasselblad Master Award’s extensive catalogue

Photography, and art, in general, is an important part of everyday life and it seems it appears that importance is growing.


Photo credit: Lars Van De Goor


According to IKEA’s life at home research, people are moving from valuing practical benefits to appreciating the emotional aspects of objects. This trend seems especially strong for Millennials who put a higher value on emotional features, such as art and design, in order to create a home that is unique and aligns with their personality.


Marcus Engman, Head of Design at IKEA, told PhotoBite: “Photography is a vital way to express yourself and showcase the world from your perspective. In this day and age with social media, this form of expression and art has become even more popular, creating a whole new group of everyday photographers. With this collection of images, both IKEA and Hasselblad aim to inspire people to continue capturing the world while offering stunning photographs to those looking to make their home unique,”


The collection, that’s been produced in collaboration with Hasselblad, will consist of eight exclusive pictures taken by photographers awarded for their long or even lifetime achievements in their profession. These images feature both nature and portraits and were taken by Dmitry Ageev, Lars van de Goor, Hans Strand, Bára Prášilová, Ali Rajabi, Tom D. Jones, and Joachim Schmeisser.


Photo credit: Dmitry Ageev


Bronius Rudnickas, Marketing Manager at Hasselblad, said: “We want to share our love and passion of photography with the world and give a wider audience the chance to discover new art created by Hasselblad Photographers. This collaboration is a way to inspire people by bringing world class photography into their every-day life. Each image was hand selected for its beauty, composition, and aesthetics so that they add a level of emotion to your home.”


The collection called NORRHASSEL will launch in all IKEA stores beginning in August 2018.

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